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Petridish 90mm ETO Sterilized

Material Polypropelene
Brand Recombigen
Diameter (mm) 90*15 mm
Application Pathology Lab
Color Transparent
Quantity 100PCS

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A Petri dish is a shallow, cylindrical, lidded dish commonly used in microbiology laboratories for culturing and observing microorganisms. The specification “90mm” refers to the diameter of the Petri dish, indicating that it has a diameter of 90 millimeters.

The term “ETO sterilized” indicates that the Petri dish has been sterilized using ethylene oxide (ETO) gas. Ethylene oxide sterilization is a common method used to eliminate microorganisms and ensure a sterile environment within the Petri dish. Ethylene oxide gas is effective in penetrating and destroying microorganisms on various surfaces, including plastic, glass, and other materials.

Sterilization is a crucial process in microbiology laboratories to prevent contamination and maintain the integrity of cultures or samples. ETO sterilization is often preferred for heat-sensitive materials that may be damaged by high temperatures used in autoclaving.

The sterilized Petri dish is typically individually wrapped or sealed to maintain its sterility until it is ready for use. When using an ETO-sterilized Petri dish, it is important to handle it aseptically, following appropriate laboratory protocols and practices to maintain sterile conditions and prevent contamination during sample inoculation or culturing procedures.

Dimensions 40 × 28 × 20 cm


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