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Midstream Pregnancy Test Kit

Clear Response
Number of Pieces 3,6,9
Special Feature
Self Test, Easy to Use, Pain Free
Test type [“munoass”]


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A midstream pregnancy test kit is a type of home pregnancy test that provides a convenient and easy-to-use method for detecting pregnancy. It designed to detect the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in a woman’s urine, which produced by the placenta after implantation occurs.
Here are some key points regarding a
1.) Design: A midstream pregnancy test kit consists of a plastic casing with an absorbent tip at one end and a result window at the other end. The midstream design allows the user to hold the test in the urine stream during testing, eliminating the need for additional collection containers.
2.) Test Procedure: To perform the test, a woman removes the test kit from its packaging and removes any protective caps or covers. Holding the test by the grip area, she places the absorbent tip in her urine stream for a few seconds or dips the absorbent tip into a urine sample collected in a clean cup for the specified duration mentioned in the instructions. The test is then held or placed on a flat surface with the result window facing up.
3.) Result Interpretation: The midstream pregnancy test has a result window that displays the test results. The presence of two lines, one in the control window and another in the test window, usually indicates a positive result, indicating the detection of hCG and pregnancy. A single line in the control window without a line in the test window indicates a negative result. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for result interpretation and any specific symbols or indicators used on the test kit.
4.) Sensitivity: Midstream pregnancy test kits may have different levels of sensitivity, which determines the minimum level of hCG the test can detect. Lower sensitivity levels allow for the detection of pregnancy at an earlier stage.
5.) Accuracy: When used and at the appropriate time, midstream pregnancy test kits can provide accurate results. However, it’s important to follow the instructions provided with the specific test kit for reliable results. Factors such as using an expired test kit or not following the instructions can affect the accuracy of the test.
Remember that a positive result on a home pregnancy test should confirmed by a healthcare professional through a clinical test, such as a blood test or ultrasound. They can provide further guidance, answer questions, and discuss the next steps based on the individual’s specific circumstances.
Brand Clear Response
Number of Pieces 3,6,9
Special Feature
Self Test, Easy to Use, Pain Free
Test type [“munoass”]

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Pack of 03, Pack of 06, Pack of 09


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