Recomigen Iodine Salt Test Kit Pack Of 2

Usage/Application Iodine Salt test kit
Brand Recombigen
Test Time 2 minutes
Sample Volume 1 spoon
ML Size 5*4 = 20 Ml in 1 Box


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A kit designed to check water salt levels using iodine could be intended for determining the concentration of iodine in water-soluble salts dissolved in a water sample. The presence of iodine in water can have various implications, including its impact on water quality and its suitability for consumption.

Here’s a generalized description of what such a kit might contain:

  1. Reagents/Indicators: The kit could include specific reagents or indicators that react with iodine in water-soluble salts. The reaction may result in a color change, and the intensity of the color could be proportional to the concentration of iodine in the water.
  2. Test Strips: These could be used to hold the water sample and facilitate the reaction with the reagents. Test strips change color directly when immersed in the water sample.
  3. Color Chart: A reference chart could be included to help users match the color change observed in their water sample to corresponding iodine concentrations. This allows for a semi-quantitative estimation of iodine levels.
  4. Instructions or Manual: A detailed guide on how to collect the water sample, perform the test, interpret the results, and understand the implications of iodine levels in the water.
  5. Safety Precautions: Information on handling the reagents safely, as well as general safety guidelines for using the kit.


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