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Pasteur Pipettes 3ml

Capacity 3 ML
Chemical Laboratory
Material Plastic
Non-Sterile Available
Color Transparent
Country of Origin Made in India
Pack Size 500
Carton Quantity 5000


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Pasteur pipettes, also known as transfer pipettes or droppers, are commonly used in laboratories for various liquid handling tasks. The 3ml designation refers to the pipette’s capacity, indicating that it can hold a maximum volume of 3 milliliters (3 mL) of liquid.

These pipettes are typically made of glass or plastic and have a thin, elongated shape with a tapered or rounded tip. They are designed for the transfer of small volumes of liquids, such as adding reagents, making dilutions, or transferring samples.

To use a Pasteur pipette, you can draw liquid into the pipette by creating suction with your mouth or by using a pipette filler or bulb. Once the liquid is drawn into the pipette, it can be accurately dispensed drop by drop or released in a controlled manner.

It’s important to note that Pasteur pipettes are not designed for high-precision measurements like micropipettes or syringes. They are more suitable for qualitative or semi-quantitative transfers where a rough estimation of volume is sufficient.

After use, Pasteur pipettes can be discarded or, if made of glass, cleaned and sterilized for reuse depending on the specific laboratory protocols and practices.


100, 250, 500


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