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Microslides 75mmx25mmx1.25mm

Brand Recombigen
Size 76.2mm x 25.4mm 1.25mm(10″x5″)
Usage/Application Chemical Laboratory
Color Transparent
Material Glass

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Micro slides are small glass or plastic slides commonly used in microscopy for mounting and observing specimens. The dimensions you provided, 75mm x 25mm x 1.25mm, describe the size of the micro slides.

Here’s what each measurement refers to:

  1. 75mm: This is the length of the microslide, which measures 75 millimeters.
  2. 25mm: This is the width or width of the microslide, measuring 25 millimeters.
  3. 1.25mm: This is the thickness of the microslide, measuring 1.25 millimeters.

Microslides are typically made of glass or plastic and are optically clear to allow for optimal visualization of the specimen under a microscope. They are usually rectangular in shape and have a smooth, flat surface on which the specimen is mounted.

Microslides are commonly used in various microscopy techniques, including brightfield microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, and fluorescence microscopy. They are also used for staining techniques, immunohistochemistry, and other microscopic applications.

When using microslides, it is important to handle them with care to avoid breakage or damage. Proper cleaning and drying methods should be followed to ensure that the slides are free from debris or contaminants that could interfere with microscopic observations.


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