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Stool Container ( Non Sterilized )

Chemical Laboratory
Packaging Type Packet
Capacity 30 ML
Brand Recombigen
Material Plastic
Quantity 100PCs
Sterilized Non Sterilized

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A stool container labeled as “non-sterilized” means that it has not undergone a specific sterilization process to eliminate microorganisms or contaminants. These containers are typically sold in a non-sterile state and may contain some level of microorganisms or particulate matter.

Non-sterilized stool containers are commonly used in clinical settings for the collection and transportation of stool samples for diagnostic purposes. They are typically made of plastic and have a secure lid or cap to prevent leakage and maintain sample integrity during transportation.

When using non-sterilized stool containers, it is important to follow proper sample collection and handling techniques to minimize the risk of contamination. This may include ensuring clean hands and using sterile gloves during collection, avoiding contact with external surfaces, and sealing the container tightly to prevent leakage and exposure to the external environment.

It is worth noting that if sterile conditions are required for your specific testing or research purposes, it is advisable to use pre-sterilized stool containers or sterilize the containers yourself before use. Sterilization methods commonly used for such containers include autoclaving, chemical disinfection, or irradiation.

Always consult the specific laboratory or testing guidelines provided by the healthcare facility or research institution for proper handling and sterilization protocols when working with stool samples.


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