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Test Tube ( Ria Tube) 12x75mm PS

Size 12 x 75 mm
Usage/Application Laboratory
Material Plastic
Is It Sterilized Non Sterilized
Quantity Per Pack 5000 Pieces
Diameter 12x75mm
Pack Size 500

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A test tube, specifically a RIA (Radioimmunoassay) tube, is a cylindrical glass or plastic tube used in laboratory settings for various scientific and medical applications. The dimensions “12x75mm” refer to its size, indicating a diameter of 12mm and a length of 75mm. Here are some key points about RIA tubes:

1.) Purpose: RIA tubes are primarily used in radioimmunoassay techniques, a laboratory method for measuring the concentration of specific substances, such as hormones, antigens, or antibodies, in biological samples. These tubes are designed to hold and facilitate the mixing of reagents, samples, and radioactive isotopes used in the assay.

2.) Material: RIA tubes can be made of either glass or plastic, depending on the specific requirements of the assay. Glass tubes are more commonly used due to their chemical inertness and resistance to solvents, heat, and physical damage. Plastic tubes, such as polypropylene or polystyrene, may be preferred for certain applications where compatibility with specific reagents or isotopes is a concern.

3.) Size and Dimensions: The “12x75mm” specification indicates that the RIA tube has a diameter of 12mm and a length of 75mm. This size is a common standard for many laboratory applications, including RIA techniques, sample storage, and general mixing and incubation procedures.

4.) Capabilities: RIA tubes can withstand various laboratory processes, such as centrifugation, heating, cooling, and mixing. They are often compatible with common laboratory equipment, such as centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and other analytical instruments.

RIA tubes, like other types of test tubes, are widely available through laboratory suppliers and can be purchased in packs or as individual units. It’s important to select the appropriate material (glass or plastic) and size (12x75mm in this case) based on the specific needs of your experiments or assays.

Dimensions 19 × 8 × 9 cm


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