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Papsmear Test Kit Sterilized

Disposable/ Reusable Disposable
Sterile/ Non-Sterile Sterile
Brand Recombigen
Hospital, Laboratory
Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Set 2pc, 4pcs


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Pap Smear Test Kit Sterilized 4-Piece Set, a comprehensive solution for gynecological health screening in the comfort of your home or clinical setting. This thoughtfully designed kit includes all the essential components required for a safe and effective Pap smear test:

  1. Wooden Spatula: Crafted from high-quality, sterilized wood, the wooden spatula ensures a gentle and comfortable sample collection process. Its smooth surface minimizes discomfort, making it ideal for accurate specimen retrieval.
  2. Glass Slide: The included glass slide provides a stable platform for preparing and examining the collected cervical samples. Its transparent surface allows for clear observation under a microscope, ensuring precise analysis.
  3. Cervical Brush: Our sterile cervical brush is designed for optimal sample collection. With soft, flexible bristles and a secure grip handle, it ensures efficient specimen retrieval without causing discomfort.
  4. Swab Stick (Sterile): The sterile swab stick is an essential tool for hygienic and controlled sample collection. Its sterility is paramount in preventing contamination, and ensuring the integrity of the collected sample.

Key Features:

  • Sterilized for safety and accuracy.
  • User-friendly components for ease of use.
  • Designed to minimize patient discomfort.
  • Suitable for both clinical and at-home use.
  • Ideal for Pap smear tests, a crucial screening tool for gynecological health.

Our Pap Smear Test Kit Sterilized 4-Piece Set empowers healthcare professionals and individuals to perform Pap smears with confidence and precision. Regular Pap smears are essential for early detection and prevention of cervical cancer. With this kit, you can ensure a safe and effective screening process. Take control of your health today and prioritize early detection with this reliable and convenient kit.

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2pc, 4pc


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