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Phosphorus Reagent Kit

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  • Phosphorus Kit: It is a diagnostic kit designed for the quantitative measurement of phosphorus levels in biological samples.
  • End Point: The assay method used in this kit is based on an End Point detection principle. It means that the reaction reaches a defined endpoint, such as a color change, which is then measured to determine the phosphorus concentration.
  • R1 Pack: This refers to the reagent pack labeled as R1. It contains specific reagents or a mixture of reagents necessary for the assay. The exact composition of R1 would be provided in the kit’s instructions.
  • R2: R2 is a specific reagent used in combination with R1 to perform the phosphorus assay. The composition of R2 would also be specified in the kit’s instructions.
  • Standard: The kit likely includes a phosphorus standard or standards of known concentrations. These standards are used to create a calibration curve and establish a relationship between the measured signal (e.g., absorbance) and the phosphorus concentration.
  • REF: REF stands for reference and is used to identify the specific reference number or code assigned to the kit for ordering or documentation purposes.
  • Size: The size of the kit you mentioned, PHOFSR-01, indicates that it contains 2 bottles, each containing 25ml of reagents. The volumes and quantities of reagents may vary depending on the specific kit and manufacturer.

To perform the assay using the Phosphorus Kit, you would follow the instructions provided with the kit. It typically involves preparing the standards, preparing the samples, adding the appropriate reagents (such as R1 and R2), allowing the reaction to proceed, and measuring the endpoint signal (e.g., color intensity or absorbance) using a spectrophotometer or other suitable instrument. The phosphorus concentration in the samples can then be determined by comparing the measured signal to the calibration curve generated from the standards.

It’s important to carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the kit for accurate and reliable results, as specific protocols and details may vary among different kits and manufacturers.

Dimensions 12 × 4 × 9 cm


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