Filter Pepar 110mm

Usage/Application Filtration
Brand Recombigen
Material Paper
Shape Round
Color White
Pack Size 100Pc


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Filter paper with a size of 110mm typically refers to a circular sheet of filter paper that has a diameter of 110mm. Filter paper is a common laboratory consumable used for various applications such as filtration, separation, and qualitative analysis.

Its made from cellulose fibers and is designed to have specific pore sizes that allow for the separation of solid particles from a liquid or gas. It is available in different grades, with varying pore sizes and flow rates, to suit different filtration needs.

Some common uses of filter paper include:

1.) Filtration: Filter paper used to separate solid particles from liquids or gases. It can placed in a funnel or filter holder, and the liquid or gas passed through it . The filter paper traps the solid particles while allowing the liquid or gas to pass through.

2.) Filter paper used in a variety of qualitative analytical methods. In chromatography, for example, a solution applied to the filter paper, and as the solvent travels through the paper, various components of the mixture separate based on their affinity for the paper and the solvent.

3.) Sample collection: Filter paper can also used for sample collection, especially in applications where a solid sample needs to transported or stored. The sample applied to the filter paper, which absorbs and immobilizes the solid components.

4.) Moisture testing: Filter paper can used to test the moisture content of a substance. The substance is placed on filter paper, and any moisture present is absorbed by the paper, resulting in a weight shift that may be quantified,It is crucial to note that the precise use of filter paper might vary based on the intended use and the unique qualities of the paper, such as pore size, thickness, and chemical compatibility.


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