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ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) Pipette Westergreen

Usage/Application For Qualitative Estimation of the rythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
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What Is Esr Pipette

A specialized glass pipette used in the Westergren method of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) measurement is the ESR pipette, sometimes referred to as the Westergren pipette. It is a crucial element of the Westergren method, one of the most popular methods for determining ESR.
The ESR pipette typically measures 300 mm in length and has a 200 mm scale marked on it. It is calibrated to precisely gauge the red blood cell sedimentation rate. The pipette’s narrow bore size makes it possible to collect and handle blood samples precisely.
A blood sample that has normally been anticoagulated with sodium citrate is placed in the pipette in order to carry out the ESR measurement using the Westergren method. Capillary motion draws the blood into the pipette, filling it to the designated mark. Red blood cell sedimentation is then allowed to happen over a predetermined amount of time, often one hour, with the pipette being positioned vertically in a stand or rack that has been specifically built for the purpose.
The red blood cells’ descent in millimeters is measured at the conclusion of the allotted time, and the result is recorded as the ESR value. It is generally recognized and advised for clinical usage to assess inflammatory and autoimmune disorders utilizing the Westergren method using the ESR pipette.


What Is Esr Pipette Full Form

Full-Form OF ESR Is ( Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ) We also Called ESR Pipette.

How to Use Esr Pipette

To use an ESR pipette for measuring erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) using the Westergren method, you can follow these general steps:

1.Ensure that you have the necessary equipment and materials: ESR pipette, ESR rack or stand, blood collection tube (usually anticoagulated with sodium citrate), and a timer.

2.Mix the blood sample: Gently invert the blood collection tube several times to ensure proper mixing of the anticoagulant with the blood.

3.Assemble the ESR pipette: Attach the rubber bulb or cap to one end of the ESR pipette, ensuring it fits tightly. Ensure that the pipette is clean and dry.

4.Draw the blood sample into the pipette: Hold the ESR pipette vertically with the open end downward. Insert the pipette into the blood sample, submerging the open end into the blood until it reaches the desired mark (usually around the 200 mm mark).

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What Is Price Esr Pipette

Esr Pipette MRP IS 800 Of 100 Pcs. Recombigen Provides You 399 In The B2B Price. Still Have Any Query Related To This Products Contact us 

Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 cm


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